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Invasion of the Baby Snatchers

Invasion of the Baby Snatchers

The article focuses on the missing children and child abductions. In addition it tells about irresponsible adult who neglected and abondoned their children. In the other hand, the media attention seems to be too concern about the issue but then neglected the other issue which concerning the lost children.

The article covers about the victims of child abductions at the beginning. For example in the U.S the case of kidnapping and murder at Dannielle Van Dam in San Diego, California. The started to show the statistics on child abductions and then the writer questioned on why this kind of crimes happened and how far the kids safety nowadays?

The article comes from the ‘TIME’ on August 26, 2002 where it is written by Walter Kirn. This article had been put on the ‘viewpoint’ space.

The article is written for the public especially for the parents. Besides, it also can be read by teenagers. Therefore, they will know the current issue and be aware with their environment.

The article is designed to let the readers know the current issue that occured there. Besides, the writer gives some advise to the public. Further, the writer try to warn the readers about the children who are in danger path. Lastly, the writer wants to explain of why the children are easily exposed to that situation.

The article aims to let the readers realize the reality of the crimes which are dramatically increasing day by day. In addition, the article object the reader to be more aware towards this case. Perhaps, they will take a good ation in the future in order to avoid this kind of crimes happened to their beloved family members or friends.

The stance taken in this article is the writer directly showed the real condition of kids safety over there. Besides, the writer wrote something that is totally right and can be accepted by the readers. In addition, the writer criticise the adults who neglect ed the kids. Lastly, the writer condemn the people who did the such crimes.

The article describes as the writer can encourage the readers to be cooperate due to their target to decrease the chance of this crime to be happened. Besides, the writer take the position as the medium that deliver information to the people about the current issues. The writer used the formal language where it can be easily understood. Moreover, the writer questioned that need them to think. For example, ‘So many shocking stories, so suddenly- a genuine crime wave or media hysteria?’.

The effect on the readers is likely to be affective as if the readers take serious on that issue or else it will be in the opposite way if the readers have the negative thoughts. Besides, there will also be a good impact if the readers have desire to protect children.

The visual aspects of the text are significant because it can attract the readers to read the article. As we can see, there is also the picture of Holly Wells and Jessica Chapman who are the victims. This, for sure will make the readers wonder what is the story behind the picture. The title which is bolded play its role in order to catch reader’s attention.

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